Advertising Code of Conduct

In October 2009 the ABG established a task force aimed at developing an advertising code of conduct for the region. Its objectives are to:

  • Establish industry-wide standards for responsibility based on clear regulator-endorsed criteria
  • Provide consumers with a platform to be heard in line with societal expectations and enforcement mechanisms that are cheaper than the courts
  • Complement the law by being an effective self-regulator

The role of the task force is to:

  • Identify key areas of self regulation that the ABG should associate itself with. The suggested areas of self regulation are a code of advertising for children, cigarette advertising, healthcare advertising and media codes and regulations (i.e. commercial TV, radio, print, cinema, emarketing, outdoor).
  • Form the code of ethics and regulations relevant to that work
  • Provide an advertising environment that is sensitive to age groups, not offensive on the basis of discrimination, violence, language, sexuality, health and safety etc in the interest of the public