Established in March 2005 and formerly known as the GCC Advertisers Association, the ABG is a non-profit group dedicated to maintaining a free and open dialogue between its members; marketing companies, advertising agencies and media owners.
Bringing an increased focus on advertising self-regulation, the ABG is being relaunched in November 2016.

The group was rebranded as the Advertising Business Group, rather than the previous ‘Advertisers Business Group’ to reflect the inclusive nature of this renewed effort – with its interests and commitments now broader in scope to include advertisers, agencies and media owners.

The group formed due to mounting frustration surrounding the lack of transparency in media performance and effectiveness. Hence, the initial focus of the ABG centered on the introduction of media performance and measurement, in particular TV ratings and print audit circulation. So it’s not surprising that since its inception, the ABG has been an effective catalyst to industry initiatives to ensure media ROI is clear.

However, the ABG’s charter was not limited to media performance and effectiveness issues. With membership representative of more than 75% of the region’s advertising spend, the ABG’s dedication to raising the caliber and practice of advertising within the region through implementation of international best practice and improving standards is for the benefit of all industry constituents.

The ABG recognizes that in order for the region to achieve success, the support of all advertisers, across all business sectors, together with Government bodies, media/marketing agencies, media owners and media representatives, working in a collaborative fashion, is critical.

In its revised form the ABG plans to develop an Advertising Code of Ethics. and work with various Government bodies to influence new legislation to help self regulate our industry.

One such example of Government support is our link to the Dubai Chamber. The Advertisers Business Group is one of twenty-one business groups which are members of the Dubai Chamber. Through its External Relations Department the Chamber supports the business groups in numerous ways, including coordinating with Government departments and agencies, thereby acting as a link between the public and private sectors. It creates a platform for the exchange of business information, ideas and views and also organizes and/or participates in local, regional and international exhibitions.