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Thank you for your interest in the Advertising Business Group and welcome to our site.

The Advertising Business Group (ABG) has a significant role to play in today’s fast changing media environment and difficult economic conditions. Our primary objectives of improving standards and providing one voice for the industry within the GCC are more important than ever.

Improving effectiveness and accountability is imperative in a challenging business environment. The ABG will continue to drive meaningful changes within the region’s advertising industry by creating a shared understanding of responsible advertising, increased transparency, providing a platform to work together as one group, sharing best global practices and developing our marketing talent.

We invite you to join the ABG and maximize benefit through a collective voice with your peers in advertising and marketing. With your support, we look forward to delivering much needed change within our industry. ABG is open for both advertisers and agencies.

More about ABG ME

Common issues the advertising industry faces in the region is that it lacks a marketing eco-system; a framework that encourages advertising self- regulation and clarifies the various roles to be played amongst various industry sectors and which is critical for the future success of the marketing and advertising industry.

We all want transparency and reliability in the performance of our marketing investments where ABG continues to play a role in getting there and to follow more tangible deliverables reaching progress in the set projects.

The ABG philosophy aims to address issues as related to commercial communication through cooperation.

By promoting self-regulation we will aim to demonstrate our ability to act responsibly by actively promoting the highest ethical standards in commercial communication’s and safeguarding consumers interests.

We will work towards establishing common principles of best practice and greater convergence towards these common principles.

The ABG Advertising Code of Conduct is an initiative that helps advertisers and agencies in understanding, and developing responsible advertising.

The code will be based on the basic principles enshrined in the general Code of Advertising Practice of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC); “the content of advertising will be decent, honest, and truthful with a due sense of self-responsibility and respect for the rules of fair competition”.

All codes will be applied in spirit and letter and will reflect national culture, law and commercial practices within the spirit of mutual recognition. They will additionally regularly be viewed in light of regulatory, social and technological developments , including consumer attitudes to advertising.

What advertisers and agencies wanted from the ABG…

Establish & Advocate good advertising 90%
Drive awareness of the ICC Code 52%
Provide a platform for handling issues 72%
Provide advice on best practices 58%

Ads we are talking about

BMWDrink Drive Campaign
The BMW ad against drinking and driving was an example of how a clever community benefit ad could also champion a brand attribute – original car parts, in this case.
Coca Cola
Coca ColaLabels
Coca-Cola removed its logo from its cans of soda in the Middle East to encourage people not to judge one another. The no-label cans ran throughout Ramadan last year.
Old Ketchup ad
Old Ketchup adGender Bias
This old ketchup ad headlined “You mean a woman can open it” shows how gender biased ads were acceptable a few years back and were seen to actually be beneficial for women.

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